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Thank you for visiting Kingsburg Joint Union High School District’s new student online registration. We look forward to welcoming you and your student(s) to KJUHSD where we build futures. Our mission is to enable students to become positive influences in our world community.

This online registration process is the first step to enrolling with KJUHSD. This process will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and requires a valid parent email address. The system will allow you to start the process and resume at a later time. To resume please log back in and continue, DO NOT attempt to set up another account. 

Upon completion, the student’s information will be sent electronically to the school. Enrollment is not complete until the school has reviewed the data, required documents and an in person meeting has taken place.

Required Documents:

  • Age Verification: Birth Certificate, Baptismal record, or Passport

  • Current Immunization record

  • Completion of the Address/Residency Declaration

  • Proof of residence within district boundaries provided from both categories below (1 from Category 1 and 1 from Category II).  Each document must show the name and residence address (not a P.O. Box) of the parent/guardian or caregiver within the district.  Originals will be copied and returned.  California Education Code 48204.1 allows and Kingsburg Joint Union High School District has determined these to be acceptable documentation.

Category 1 - One Proof Required

Category II - One Proof Required

>  Most Recent mortgage statement

>  Completed Statement (all pages) dated within the last 45 days.  On-line documentation is accepted as long as it fulfills the requirement of a complete statement (all pages).  Utility set-up and 15-day notice letters are acceptable proofs of residency if statement of payment receipt is submitted within 20 days of residency verification. 

> Property tax bill dated within the past year

>  PG&E

> Fully executed lease/rental agreement.  The lease/rental agreement must show the rental address and include the lessor/lessee names and signatures

>  Kingsburg City Water District

>  Fully executed expired lease, lease extension or month-to-month lease (when accompanied by the initial lease), handwritten and/or sub-lease is only accepted with a jurat notarized Landlord/Lessor Supplemental Affidavit* and verification of the most recent rental/lease payment.  

*Contact school office for Lessor/Lessee Supplemental Affidavit

>  Refuse Agency that serves residences within the district


>  Landline Telephone (cell and long-distance service not accepted). 

*If you do not have documentation from this category because you sub-lease and/or live with another individual(s), you are required to submit a Landlord/Lessor Supplemental Affidavit. 


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING If your child is receiving Special Education services or has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please call the District Office 559-897-7721

If your child is currently expelled, please call the District Office 559-897-7721

This process is for New Students Only. If your student is returning to KJUHSD from summer break or attended a local Feeder School for 8th grade Clay, Kings River, Rafer or Traver DO NOT use this process.

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